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RAK Day 19

In October my husband and I took a little vacation driving to Las Vegas and back home along the coast. We stayed at various Airbnbs. Yesterday my husband got phone message that the cleaning lady in the Airbnb in Santa Barbara found a flash drive with his name and number on it. The host was wanting to send it back to us. It’s very nice of him to care enough 3 months later to return it.

RAK Day 18

This is not a big one, but sometimes the tiniest things have an impact. This shifted my stressful energy and put a little joy in my heart. One of my BFF’s phone fell in a cup of water 3 days ago and, alas, is not working. She is one of my biggest supports so I count on being able to text her frequently. When her phone died she emailed me that if I needed her to contact her, I should text her husband and gave me his number. Since the holiday stress is reving up I wanted her support. So I texted her husband (Jeff) asking if her phone worked yet. Also, it happens to be Jeff’s 70th birthday. So I wished him a Happy Birthday as well. The text came back, “You got the wrong number… but tell Jeff HBD from me too!”. He could have ignored me and I would have not known if I should contact my friend in a different way. But he was kind enough to answer and wish Jeff a Happy Birthday as well. Thanks unknown stranger!

RAK Day 17

Our neighborhood has a couple of public mini gardens. They are run by generous volunteers care about our community spaces. This one is decorated for the holidays.

RAK Day 16

This morning at our meditation meeting a gentleman came in wearing a baseball cap and holding one. He said a week ago he had lost the one in his hand, “it must’ve just fell into the street”. But today when he was walking, he saw that someone had stuck it up on a sign so it could be seen by passersby. He was so glad because he had been thinking about it on the way to the center.

And this was at 7:30am.  What other delights are in store for today?

RAK Day 15: OMG! The sweetest one ever.

I was in an outdoor shopping mall today that I was sure had a Starbucks. But it was pouring rain and I didn’t want to search the streets for it. So I stood in the doorway of a Lucky’s supermarket and asked the first guy who came in if he knew where the Starbucks was. He told me that it was Peet’s coffee in this particular mall. And that the nearest Starbucks was in another mall 2 miles away. I was so bummed cause I had literally just left that other mall. He must have seen the disappointment in my face because he then said if I waited a few minutes for him to shop at Lucky’s he would give me a ride to the other mall as he was on his way there. How sweet is that?

RAK Day 14

In my Jazzercise class there a a few octogenarians and one nonagenarian ( a lady in her nineties). She’s very hunchbacked and works out near the rear of the class. She requires a chair to help herself with some of the moves. She’s slow but sure and I can tell you she inspires the heck out of me. Anyway today the class was just about to start when the instructor on stage seemed to notice something in the back of the class by the entrance. She jumped off the stage went to the back to open up a folding chair. It was just as our honored exerciser was entering. I thought it was very sweet that the instructor wanted to set up the chair herself. She could have easily asked someone in the back to do it. But she was showing kindness and respect for our special Jazzerciser.

RAK Day 13: International!

My daughter lives in Peru. We speak often via messenger. So today as we were sharing our day, she told me she was standing outside her front door. She was waiting for her boyfriend to return with the key to let her in. When I asked where he was she told me he had gone to search for the owner of a car that parks next to them. The driver had left the windows down. The woman lives in the other tower of the condominium. He went to go let her know.

RAK Day 12

I didn’t realize that I had been noting Random Acts of Kindness for 4 years now! Today facebook shared a memory from 2012. It deserves remembering.

“RAK Day 12 (2012): The guy who painted the outside of our house really took to our bunny. For the last 2 months, since he finished the house, he and his wife would bring bags of bunny goodies and leave them on our doorstep. When we didn’t see our bunny I sent an e-mail to the neighbors asking if anyone had seen her. Today I saw the painter, who lives down the street, driving up and down the block. I when out to say hi to him and he said he was trying to see if he could find our bunny. How sweet.”

RAK Day 11

I did nothing today, I hardly got out of my pajamas. I was worried I’d have a hard time noticing a RAK. Low and behold, without asking her to, my downstairs neighbor put my wet laundry into the dryer and then brought it up to me. 🙂

RAK Day 10

I was out and about shopping yesterday and that always makes it easy to see Random Acts of Kindness. Some of them were having doors held for me, being wished Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, and seeing people let others go first. This is one of the reasons I really like Christmas shopping. Keep paying attention folks.  Don’t miss humanity’s way of caring for itself.