Finding Safety (my path of healing from trauma)

I know everyone’s path is different. It’s imperative to honor our own individual path. If we are mindful and aware, I believe that life (and healing) unfolds itself to us uniquely and in a particular way that we can relate to and understand. We also gain perspective and support by listening to other’s paths. Sometimes others have traveled a road we are facing and have a map that makes the uncertainty a little less scary.

Sharing one’s path has benefits as well. First, as we lay it out, we can see it clearer. I’ve found the path of healing (emotional or spiritual) can be very convoluted and confusing at times. This can add to the “dangerous” element of continuing. So sharing it, can be an organizing of what is happening and how it’s helping.

Another benefit is that hopefully it can help someone else. As I said, maybe you need to hear what might lie ahead in the scary recesses of the inner world. And maybe hearing another’s story gives you direction, strength and hope.

Lastly, sometimes I feel very alone on this journey. This is totally normal. We can all feel like life’s challenges are only happening to us. No one else can understand. Something must be wrong with me. I’ve since learned, that in fact, we are far from alone. Everyone, at times, is trying to safely make their way in a confusing, ever changing, sometimes extremely difficult, seemingly dangerous life. Personally, my childhood was very isolating so it’s hard for me to ground in that experience not being alone. By sharing I’ll feel less lonely. I encourage you to do the same… with safe people, of course.

I hope to post the unfolding experiences, past and present that have led to some actual freedom from long term chronic emotional pain and anxiety. It’s literally my journey of finding safety. I realize that the majority of my path has been just that. Early in my childhood, circumstances, way beyond my control, made my life feel incredibly unsafe. Consequently, I spent most of my life being afraid and anxious. EVERYTHING scared me. It’s been very uncomfortable and debilitating at times. It’s no way to live. And that’s what I wanted more than anything, to live. But in order to live, you have to be ok to die. In order to feel safe (I’m still defining that) you have to be ok with not being safe.

So I humbly share my journey as an offering of healing, for myself, for anyone who may need it, for life.